Veco Business Center offers services such as secretarial service, telephone number, email and postal address: all the benefits of a real office but without its costs.

Our contact details

Tel.: +41 91 922 52 31


Mail handling service

Dedicated telephone number

How does the virtual office work?

Often maintaining an office involves incurring exorbitant costs. Utilities, condominium expenses, maintenance and cleaning costs can heavily weigh on the budget.

The virtual office service allows you to have a secretary who answers your calls, takes note of them and collects your correspondence.

In this way, you can focus exclusively on your business without having to bear the costs of a permanent office.

Mail handling service

Receive your mail in our Business Center. Thanks to the Plus offer, you can also have the legal domicile for your company

Dedicated telephone number

The office managers of our team receive your calls on a dedicated telephone number, with a personalized answer.




Phone management,

customer’s fax and mail


Management of telephone calls, faxes and customer mail

+ two half days of monthly meeting room

Choose the best suited solution for you and your business



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